The Annual Long Summer Weekend

2009 field trip to the Mendips
On Nylands Hill, 2009 - Mendips

One of the most popular events in the Club's calendar is the Long Summer Weekend, held annually since 2004. A guest leader takes charge on the Saturday and Sunday, and on the Monday those who do not have to rush back to work geologise around some of the localities not visited during the weekend. This event usually takes place at the end of June or the beginning of July, when we are favoured with good weather but the holiday season is still not yet started. Here are some photos over the years. Other venues include the Forest of Dean and the Peak District.

2004 field trip to Pembrokeshire
Charlie points out part of a duplex, a series of overlapping thrusts. The grey rocks here can be seen overlapping. 2004 - Pembrokeshire Coast
2005 field trip to Anglesey
A chemistry lesson at Parys Mountain. The acidic water dissolves even motor cars, all except for the rubber tyres. 2005 - Anglesey
2007 field trip to the Lleyn
Very rarely we might get a wet day, but we don't mind! Searching for the unusual mineral riebeckite in the microgranite boss at Mynytho. 2007 - Lleyn Peninsula
2010 field trip to the South Glamoragan Coast
Footprints of a Triassic dinosaur (therapod) grazing at the margins of ancient lakes near Bendrick & Sulley. 2010 - South Glamorgan Coast

You can read about our past Annual Long Summer Weekends in more detail here.