Friday 3rd March

At the evening meeting on 18 February 2017 local historian Edward Parry gave a talk on the development of residential building style, mostly in and around Montgomeryshire. Titled ‘Building the Past’, the slide show presented numerous old buildings revealing the wide range of building materials seen in our urban and rural buildings over more than three hundred years, including a number of oddities. The talk produced a lively discussion.

The next meeting will be on March 15th when Professor Paul Leonard will give a talk entitled: Importance of Geology in Government Policy: a marine perspective.

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Sphalerite,Galena and Calcite.1

Sphalerite,Galena and Calcite.1

Nantiago mine, Central wales Orefield. Sphalerite and Galena filling crevices in fractured Calcite. The Sphalerite is a coarse aggregate with a very deep red colouration, and the Galena is mostly in the form of cubo-octahedral crystals. The ratio is approximately 90% to 10% in favour of the Sphalerite.
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