Wednesday 10th May

At the last meeting Sue Purcell gave a delightful talk on how, the structure, colour and form of rocks and minerals has influenced her work over the years. The works included acrylics, oils and pastels and in addition she had brought along a skirt which featured printed rocks and pebbles that she had produced many years previously.

The next meeting John Rodgers ( leader of our summer weekend 2016 in Cumbria)will give a talk entitled: “A Tale of Two Valleys” which will focus on the differing geologies of Death Valley California and the Eden Valley Cumbria.

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Dylife mine, Central Wales Orefield. Brecciated rock from ore deposits, consisting of light grey country rock, possibly limestone with Sphalerite in massive form. Also very fine druzy Quartz and very minor Galena. The Sphalerite is overlying the Quartz in several places, indicating that the Sphalerite was a later deposit.
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The Silurian

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